Condenser,351036381,Behr,Conditioning,$61,/gratulant1886722.html,Automotive , Replacement Parts,Service,Hella,,Air $61 Behr Hella Service 351036381 Air Conditioning Condenser Automotive Replacement Parts Behr Hella Service 351036381 Ranking TOP3 Condenser Air Conditioning Condenser,351036381,Behr,Conditioning,$61,/gratulant1886722.html,Automotive , Replacement Parts,Service,Hella,,Air Behr Hella Service 351036381 Ranking TOP3 Condenser Air Conditioning $61 Behr Hella Service 351036381 Air Conditioning Condenser Automotive Replacement Parts

Behr Hella Service 351036381 Ranking TOP3 Popular brand Condenser Air Conditioning

Behr Hella Service 351036381 Air Conditioning Condenser


Behr Hella Service 351036381 Air Conditioning Condenser

From the manufacturer


The most important component of a coolant module is the coolant radiator. It consists of a radiator core and water tank with all the necessary connections and attachment elements. The heat generated by the engine combustion is absorbed by the coolant and discharged into the external air via the radiator. Coolant radiators are installed in the air flow of the vehicle front.


Expansion Tanks

Visco Clutches

Oil Coolers


The condenser is needed for cooling down the refrigerant that has become heated during compression in the compressor. The hot refrigerant gas flows into the condenser, discharging heat to the surroundings. The refrigerant becomes fluid again as a result of cooling: the hot gas flows at the top into the condenser and transfers heat to the surroundings via the pipe and fins. As a result of cooling down, the refrigerant exits the condenser at the lower connection in liquid state.



HVAC Blowers

Filter Dryers

Behr Hella Service 351036381 Air Conditioning Condenser

Scientific literature – Longevity

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