Jonard HW-20 Hand Wire Wrapping Tool 6 AWG Size 20 13 with Washington Mall $27 Jonard HW-20 Hand Wire Wrapping Tool with 20 AWG Wire Size, 13/6 Tools Home Improvement Power Hand Tools $27 Jonard HW-20 Hand Wire Wrapping Tool with 20 AWG Wire Size, 13/6 Tools Home Improvement Power Hand Tools Jonard HW-20 Hand Wire Wrapping Tool 6 AWG Size 20 13 with Washington Mall Wire,Tools Home Improvement , Power Hand Tools,HW-20,Wrapping,$27,/goulash1886786.html,Jonard,13/6,with,Tool,AWG,Size,,20,Wire,Hand, Wire,Tools Home Improvement , Power Hand Tools,HW-20,Wrapping,$27,/goulash1886786.html,Jonard,13/6,with,Tool,AWG,Size,,20,Wire,Hand,

Jonard HW-20 Hand Wire Wrapping Tool 6 AWG Lowest price challenge Size 20 13 with Washington Mall

Jonard HW-20 Hand Wire Wrapping Tool with 20 AWG Wire Size, 13/6


Jonard HW-20 Hand Wire Wrapping Tool with 20 AWG Wire Size, 13/6

Product description

Size:20 AWG Wire Size, 13/64" OD

These Hand Wire Wrapping Tools are carefully designed to produce perfect wire wrapped connections. Precision, long-lasting tools for use where occasional wraps are required or where power wire wrapping tools are not practical. Compact and convenient. 20 AWG Wire size. 13/64" Outside diameter.

Jonard HW-20 Hand Wire Wrapping Tool with 20 AWG Wire Size, 13/6

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