dijkstra-kolbe.nl,/desmoid1584045.html,Steel,Edge,Stainless,Solar,Light,Dock,with,+,Dock,$74,Cleatlite,Sports Outdoors , Sports Fitness,Moor $74 Dock Edge + Cleatlite Solar Dock Light with Stainless Steel Moor Sports Outdoors Sports Fitness $74 Dock Edge + Cleatlite Solar Dock Light with Stainless Steel Moor Sports Outdoors Sports Fitness Dock Edge + Cleatlite Oklahoma City Mall Solar Moor Light with Steel Stainless dijkstra-kolbe.nl,/desmoid1584045.html,Steel,Edge,Stainless,Solar,Light,Dock,with,+,Dock,$74,Cleatlite,Sports Outdoors , Sports Fitness,Moor Dock Edge + Cleatlite Oklahoma City Mall Solar Moor Light with Steel Stainless

Dock Edge + Cleatlite Oklahoma City Mall Solar Moor Light with Steel Stainless Max 61% OFF

Dock Edge + Cleatlite Solar Dock Light with Stainless Steel Moor


Dock Edge + Cleatlite Solar Dock Light with Stainless Steel Moor

Product description

These Solar lights are mounted on top of a sturdy galvanized steel base, housed inside an attractive, colonial style 12" (30, 5cm) tall, 4" (10, 2cm) wide vinyl pillar. Easy to install and no wires. These decorative and functional dock accessories will add style to your dock day or night. The lamp is designed to illuminate your boat, dock and stainless steel cleat, and not shine in your eyes. Each kit includes, pillar, stainless steel cleat, galvanized mounting base, Solar light and replaceable rechargeable AA battery. 40 lumens of emitted light. 12 hour run time.

From the manufacturer

About Us

When you purchase Dock Edge products, you are investing in quality marine products that are durable and reliable. Each product is manufactured with a commitment and dedication to superior workmanship and quality.

Founded in 1991, Dock Edge + Inc. began primarily as a manufacturer of dock bumper profiles. Through acquisitions and innovative development, the company has expanded its' product range to include unique marine aftermarket products that give the boating consumer more selection and value.

Our distinctive product styles whether, traditional or contemporary are inspired by our continuous commitment to offer products that revolutionize the boating industry and make mooring or docking effortless and simple. Our ongoing efforts to provide "green" products has spawned an innovative, extensive and growing line of solar products suitable for boat and marine applications. It has always been our goal to manufacture consumer adaptable products that any boater, cottager or dock builder can use. We believe that innovation and development are important in our industry, and we take great pride in pursuing this excellence.

We listen to your needs, and welcome your comments on improving and developing new products to our mutual benefit. Our experienced, dedicated and knowledgeable staff are always ready and willing to serve you, and provide complete customer expectation.

This Dock Edge catalogue contains a wealth of information about our company and our complete range of products. You will find a selection of products that can adapt to almost every boating and mooring application. Convenient dock construction samples and guides included in these pages will prove valuable from the novice to even the most experienced.

As always, we wish to extend our sincerest gratitude to you, our customers. Your loyalty and support has made it possible for us to grow from a small company manufacturing dock bumpers, to where we are today, "Manufacturer of the Worlds Finest Dock Systems, Hardware and Accessories".

The road ahead is a never ending adventure, and we will not rest as long as there are customers, who, like yourself, are determined to purchase only the finest quality dock equipment in the world.

Dock Edge + Cleatlite Solar Dock Light with Stainless Steel Moor



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