Don't miss the campaign Play It Like You Sing and 1 2 volumes,Musical Instruments , Wind Woodwind Instruments,$69,1,It,Like,Sing,It,(volumes,/calamistrum1886554.html,Play,and,You,2) $69 Play It Like You Sing It (volumes 1 and 2) Musical Instruments Wind Woodwind Instruments,Musical Instruments , Wind Woodwind Instruments,$69,1,It,Like,Sing,It,(volumes,/calamistrum1886554.html,Play,and,You,2) Don't miss the campaign Play It Like You Sing and 1 2 volumes $69 Play It Like You Sing It (volumes 1 and 2) Musical Instruments Wind Woodwind Instruments

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Play It Like You Sing It (volumes 1 and 2)


Play It Like You Sing It (volumes 1 and 2)

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Size:volumes 1 and 2

Play It Like You Sing It: The Shears Collection Play It Like You Sing It is a groundbreaking collection from Cape Breton piper Barry W. Shears. The two volumes feature history, culture, images, bagpipe and fiddle sheet music, and Gaelic puirt-á-beul songs from the 19th- and 20th-century piping tradition of Nova Scotia. The history of the Great Highland bagpipes in Nova Scotia began in the 1750s. Scottish and Highland piping traditions continued in Nova Scotia for over 250 years, through periods of immigration, community building, Confederation, economic out-migration, and two world wars. In Gaelic communities of the mainland and Cape Breton, throughout the 19th century bagpipe music was interwoven with fiddle music, Gaelic singing, and traditional and evolving dance traditions. A unique form of dance music emerged and flourished in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, characterized by lively jigs and rousing strathspeys, reels, and quicksteps. Many of these tunes existed in multiple regional variations before the modern standardization of piping. Many also had corresponding Gaelic words known as puirt-á-beul or mouth music, which were often used to teach and transmit pipe music within in families and communities, as well as providing enjoyment in daily life. Volume One: History, Culture, and Images tells the story of the many families and individuals who maintained this important aspect of Nova Scotia Gaelic culture despite adversity. through history, culture, and over 100 images of pipers and their instruments in 19th and 20th-century Nova Scotia. Volume Two: The Music presents bagpipe arrangements and their Gaelic words as they were played and sung in Nova Scotia. The book contains 230 settings of pipe tunes, 19 fiddle tune settings connected to the piping tradition, and over 85 sets of port-á-beul lyrics. It is illustrated with 75 images of Nova Scotian pipers. Each volume is sold separately.

Play It Like You Sing It (volumes 1 and 2)

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