Musical Instruments , Instrument Accessories,12.7mm,R-Class,Wing,Spurs,SC-GWS127,,Gibraltar,$49,/cabalistical1584005.html,Gull $49 Gibraltar SC-GWS127 12.7mm R-Class Gull Wing Spurs Musical Instruments Instrument Accessories Musical Instruments , Instrument Accessories,12.7mm,R-Class,Wing,Spurs,SC-GWS127,,Gibraltar,$49,/cabalistical1584005.html,Gull Gibraltar SC-GWS127 Ranking TOP20 12.7mm R-Class Spurs Wing Gull $49 Gibraltar SC-GWS127 12.7mm R-Class Gull Wing Spurs Musical Instruments Instrument Accessories Gibraltar SC-GWS127 Ranking TOP20 12.7mm R-Class Spurs Wing Gull

Gibraltar security SC-GWS127 Ranking TOP20 12.7mm R-Class Spurs Wing Gull

Gibraltar SC-GWS127 12.7mm R-Class Gull Wing Spurs


Gibraltar SC-GWS127 12.7mm R-Class Gull Wing Spurs

Product description

Turn your floor tom into bass drum. 12.7mm gull wing spurs fit into floor tom leg mount. Use Gibraltar’s SCBDPM pedal mount (1pk)

Gibraltar SC-GWS127 12.7mm R-Class Gull Wing Spurs

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