Heavy,dijkstra-kolbe.nl,Beauty Personal Care , Makeup,Ver,Acryl,Beauty,$31,Makeup,Case,,Train,/arrayal1584204.html,Duty,Professional,Mini Ver Beauty Direct sale of manufacturer Mini Train Professional Makeup Acryl Duty Heavy Case Heavy,dijkstra-kolbe.nl,Beauty Personal Care , Makeup,Ver,Acryl,Beauty,$31,Makeup,Case,,Train,/arrayal1584204.html,Duty,Professional,Mini Ver Beauty Direct sale of manufacturer Mini Train Professional Makeup Acryl Duty Heavy Case $31 Ver Beauty Mini Train Professional Makeup Case, Heavy Duty Acryl Beauty Personal Care Makeup $31 Ver Beauty Mini Train Professional Makeup Case, Heavy Duty Acryl Beauty Personal Care Makeup

Ver Beauty Direct sale Sale item of manufacturer Mini Train Professional Makeup Acryl Duty Heavy Case

Ver Beauty Mini Train Professional Makeup Case, Heavy Duty Acryl


Ver Beauty Mini Train Professional Makeup Case, Heavy Duty Acryl

Product description

Color:Silver Diamond

Professional Makeup Artist Case Keep all your cosmetics and accessories neatly organized! This professional makeup organizer in a gorgeous silver diamond finish is perfect for protecting and easily transporting your wide array of bases, foundations, concealers, contours, and highlighters from session to session. You’ll always know where to find the right tool for your next endeavor. Featuring an enhanced cantilever structure with 2 cosmetic trays, plus a mirror attached to the top tray, this professional aluminum makeup case is impact-resistant and scratch-resistant. Its high quality aluminum finish and construction provides extra protection and durability, and the heavy-duty handle offers added comfort and grip. Plus, the easy-close latch with key lock enhances the security of your makeup tools. It is designed with the most convenient dimensions to store, carry, and travel: Overall case measures 7.25 x 7.25 x 8.25".

From the manufacturer


Ver Beauty Mini Train Professional Makeup Case, Heavy Duty Acryl

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