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YIWANG 100% Real Carbon Fiber for 2013-2019 Car 911 718 Large special Fresno Mall price Porsche

YIWANG 100% Real Carbon Fiber for Porsche 911 718 2013-2019 Car


YIWANG 100% Real Carbon Fiber for Porsche 911 718 2013-2019 Car

Product description

Fit For Porsche 911 2013-2018,For Porsche 718 2016-2019.
Before placing order, please confirm this product is suitable for your car?thank you !!
Condition:100% Brand new.
Material:Made Of High Quality Of 100% Real Carbon Fiber.
Made in an ISO 9001 facility to ensure highest quality.Easy Installation,3M automotive adhesive tape is attached.
Install Instruction:
1.Clean the place where you need to paste and then wipe the water with towel or tissues. It can't accept to have the oil ,water, wax ect.
2.Determine the installation location and then make comparison of the product and installation location, if the product doesn't fit to your vehicle,please contact us immediately and don't install.
3.When tear off the double-sided adhesive of cover trim, you can't touch the double sided paste with hand.
4. In order to achieve better effect, we suggest to heating double sided adhesive by hair dryer or lighting.
5. Alignment position and then paste, the paste depends on paste conditions and correct way to install.
6. Please pressing 20-30 seconds or more when paste and don't dip the item into the water within 48 hours.

YIWANG 100% Real Carbon Fiber for Porsche 911 718 2013-2019 Car

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