Vintage,Wall,/martyr1721841.html,Crystal,$55,Tools Home Improvement , Lighting Ceiling Fans,Lam,Wall,,Water,Drop,Sconces,,INJUICY,Indoor Vintage,Wall,/martyr1721841.html,Crystal,$55,Tools Home Improvement , Lighting Ceiling Fans,Lam,Wall,,Water,Drop,Sconces,,INJUICY,Indoor $55 INJUICY Water Drop Crystal Wall Sconces, Vintage Indoor Wall Lam Tools Home Improvement Lighting Ceiling Fans INJUICY Water Drop Crystal Max 83% OFF Wall Sconces Lam Indoor Vintage INJUICY Water Drop Crystal Max 83% OFF Wall Sconces Lam Indoor Vintage $55 INJUICY Water Drop Crystal Wall Sconces, Vintage Indoor Wall Lam Tools Home Improvement Lighting Ceiling Fans

INJUICY Water Drop Crystal Manufacturer regenerated product Max 83% OFF Wall Sconces Lam Indoor Vintage

INJUICY Water Drop Crystal Wall Sconces, Vintage Indoor Wall Lam


INJUICY Water Drop Crystal Wall Sconces, Vintage Indoor Wall Lam

Product description


Type: Wall Lamp
Power: 40W
Voltage: 110-220V AC
Applicable Space: 8-15 Square. Body Material: Crystal amp; Iron
Style: Vintage
Base Type: Replacement E12 Led Light
Size(Dia.*H): 150*200 mm / 5.9 * 7.9 Inch (Approx.)
Source Type: LED Energy-saving Lamps
Is Bub Included: NO
Application: Study room, Bedroom, Living room, Bar, Coffee Shop, etc.


Loft style elegant home decoration
Vintage design, best product for pursuit of your personality
Vintage color which make you recall you beautiful and good old days
The bulb is not included, you can use energy-saving light bulb or LED bulb

Package Includes:

1 X Wall Lamp(Bulb is Not Included)

INJUICY Water Drop Crystal Wall Sconces, Vintage Indoor Wall Lam

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