Gain,Pet Supplies , Horses,$56,Gleam,60,Nutrition,/gratulant1588922.html,Adeptus,Supreme,(Extra,,omegas) $56 Adeptus Nutrition Gleam Gain Supreme 60 (Extra omegas) Pet Supplies Horses Adeptus Nutrition Gleam Gain 60 Supreme omegas Extra Max 44% OFF Adeptus Nutrition Gleam Gain 60 Supreme omegas Extra Max 44% OFF Gain,Pet Supplies , Horses,$56,Gleam,60,Nutrition,/gratulant1588922.html,Adeptus,Supreme,(Extra,,omegas) $56 Adeptus Nutrition Gleam Gain Supreme 60 (Extra omegas) Pet Supplies Horses

Adeptus Nutrition Gleam Gain 60 Supreme omegas Extra Max 44% gift OFF

Adeptus Nutrition Gleam Gain Supreme 60 (Extra omegas)


Adeptus Nutrition Gleam Gain Supreme 60 (Extra omegas)

Product description

Focused, calm calories for performance, weight gain or the ultimate coat! 60% healthy fat from heat stabilized flax meal, rice bran, encapsulated soy oils, amp; sea algae with a prebiotic base. Increased levels of omega-3 fatty acids including DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) plus easily digested MCT's (medium chain triglycerides). Excellent for growing or mature horses (low carbohydrate calories). Also great for sperm viability in breeding stallions. Feed just 1 oz. per day for shiny coats or 2 oz. for calories for performance or weight gain. Available in an extremely palatable granular form in 3 lb. (48 day supply), 10 lb. (160 day supply), and 20 lb. (320 day supply).

Vegetable fats, stabilized flax meal, corn distiller’s dried grain with solubles, yeast culture, calcium carbonate, seaweed meal, stabilized rice bran, silicon dioxide, mixed tocopherols amp; propionic acid (preservatives).

Feeding Instructions:
Introduce gradually over several days. A 1 oz. scoop (28.4 grams) is enclosed. Feed 1 to 2 oz. (1 to 2 scoops) per day. Feeding recommendations are based on 1100 lbs. body weight.

Adeptus Nutrition Gleam Gain Supreme 60 (Extra omegas)

Scientific literature – Longevity

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