$22 Jonard Tools EPD-91466, Manual Punchdown Tool with Steel 66 Blad Tools Home Improvement Electrical Tool,with,Punchdown,Tools Home Improvement , Electrical,EPD-91466,,Blad,$22,/girlishness1721667.html,Tools,66,dijkstra-kolbe.nl,Jonard,Manual,Steel $22 Jonard Tools EPD-91466, Manual Punchdown Tool with Steel 66 Blad Tools Home Improvement Electrical Tool,with,Punchdown,Tools Home Improvement , Electrical,EPD-91466,,Blad,$22,/girlishness1721667.html,Tools,66,dijkstra-kolbe.nl,Jonard,Manual,Steel Jonard Tools EPD-91466 Manual Punchdown Discount is also underway 66 Steel with Blad Tool Jonard Tools EPD-91466 Manual Punchdown Discount is also underway 66 Steel with Blad Tool

Jonard Tools EPD-91466 Manual Punchdown Discount is also underway 66 35% OFF Steel with Blad Tool

Jonard Tools EPD-91466, Manual Punchdown Tool with Steel 66 Blad


Jonard Tools EPD-91466, Manual Punchdown Tool with Steel 66 Blad

Product description

Style:Tool + 66 Blade

The Jonard Tools EPD-91466 is designed to terminate and trim wires in 66-style termination blocks. This punchdown tool is perfect for any telecom or data communications installer. The tool cleanly terminates and trims wires in 66-style connect blocks and also features high/low impact settings, combination hook/spudger stored in the chassis, color coded yellow and blue for ease of use, enlarged blade storage compartment for easy storage, tested up to 100, 000 cycles at high impact setting to ensure long life during use, compatible with all of our EPB-series blades and other similar brands.

Jonard Tools EPD-91466, Manual Punchdown Tool with Steel 66 Blad


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