Modern,/apiole1588887.html,demister,Mirror,Bathroom,20"x,LED,$118,Wall,Home Kitchen , Home Décor Products,Lights,with,,28" 20"x 28" Bathroom Mirror with Wall LED demister Modern Our shop OFFers the best service Lights $118 20"x 28" Bathroom Mirror with Lights demister Modern LED Wall Home Kitchen Home Décor Products 20"x 28" Bathroom Mirror with Wall LED demister Modern Our shop OFFers the best service Lights $118 20"x 28" Bathroom Mirror with Lights demister Modern LED Wall Home Kitchen Home Décor Products Modern,/apiole1588887.html,demister,Mirror,Bathroom,20"x,LED,$118,Wall,Home Kitchen , Home Décor Products,Lights,with,,28"


20"x 28" Bathroom Mirror with Lights demister Modern LED Wall


20"x 28" Bathroom Mirror with Lights demister Modern LED Wall

Product Description

Make your life more excting

Led Mirror
Anti-fog mirror

Long press to adjust the brightness

Remember your personal settings for the led brightness

led bathroom mirror with 3000K-6000K color temperature

3000k-6000k color temperature

Adjust the light by yourself

Remember your personal settings for the led color temperature

Oval LED Mirror Round LED Mirror Round Backlit Mirror  Wall mounted vanity Mirror Light Up Mirror Light vanity mirror
Oval LED Mirror Round LED Mirror Round Backlit Mirror Lighted Bathroom mirror Light up mirror LED bathroom mirror
Color Temperature 3000K-6000K 3000K-6000K 3000K-6000K 3000K-6000K 3000K-6000K 3000K-6000K
copper free mirror
Memory Function
sealing box
Support wall switch
Explosion-proof film

20"x 28" Bathroom Mirror with Lights demister Modern LED Wall

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