T,Ledgital,Large,Timer,,Days,Count,Days,Countdown,Days,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,/advertently1588957.html,$95,Down,9999,dijkstra-kolbe.nl $95 Ledgital Large Countdown Days Timer, 9999 Days Count Down Days T Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining Ledgital Large Countdown In a popularity Days Timer Down 9999 Count T T,Ledgital,Large,Timer,,Days,Count,Days,Countdown,Days,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,/advertently1588957.html,$95,Down,9999,dijkstra-kolbe.nl $95 Ledgital Large Countdown Days Timer, 9999 Days Count Down Days T Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining Ledgital Large Countdown In a popularity Days Timer Down 9999 Count T

Ledgital Large Countdown Max 48% OFF In a popularity Days Timer Down 9999 Count T

Ledgital Large Countdown Days Timer, 9999 Days Count Down Days T


Ledgital Large Countdown Days Timer, 9999 Days Count Down Days T

Product description

A large countdown clock for your events with visible character from distance you ever enjoy!

This days countdown clock can provide you a very long time countdown.
The max count days is 10000 days(9999 days 23 hours 59 minutes 59 seconds)! You can use it to countdown a long term events, retirement days countdown, etc.
Digit character is 1.8" high, overall size is 53x10x4cm and weight is 1.06kg(2.33lbs). Very affordable compared to other types long term digital days countdown clock.
The clock works under 5VDC, the power adapter is 100v-240vac input and 5VDC output. Low power consumption.
The control method is by IR remote. The max control distance can be as long as 20 meters, this is pretty helpful especially when the clock is mounted out of reach.
Wall mount brackets come with the clock.

One year limited warranty time and 30 days return amp; refund service for any defective item and we pay for the shipping cost.

Inside the Package:
1 x Ledgital LED Countdown Clock
1 x Power supply
1 x User manual
1 x Remote Control,Need 2xAAA battery to power up, not included
1 x pair of wall mount bracket

1. When you receive the clock damaged, please just return it and ask for the full refund.
2. If the clock not work properly, contact us immediatley, no matter how long you've purchased this clock.
3. Batteries for remote control are NOT included because battery is forbidden for international shipments(We ship our products from China all the way to Amazon Inventory).
4. You will get a full refund for any defective issues!

Ledgital Large Countdown Days Timer, 9999 Days Count Down Days T

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